Mitsu %Mitsu Pow. Sup. ASUS 19V 3.42A ZM/AS19342E

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Ražotāja kods:ZM/AS19342E
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Power adapter for ASUS 19V 3.42A ZM / AS19342E
The new power supply for the Asus laptop by Mitsu is equipped with a ferrite filter and excellent protection against overvoltage, overheating, overload and overcharging. Laptop chargers Asus are aimed at the most demanding users who value stress-free and comfortable work. The quality of the product is confirmed by the following certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC and strict quality control eliminating possible defects.

Quality above all:

  • Temperature resistance - The influence of high and low temperatures on the resistance of the protection systems and the electrical parameters of the PSU is tested.
  • Electrical test - Testing the correctness of electrical connections between individual components of the PSU.
  • Short-circuit and over-voltage test - The reaction of the PSU protection systems due to a short circuit and a sudden voltage jump simulated by supplying a high-voltage pulse at the input of the PSU is tested.
  • Final test - The output voltage level of the UPS is tested by subjecting it to an hour-long continuous load.

The set includes a power cord, warranty card and instruction manual.

How to choose the right power supply?
The DC supply parameters (direct current DC) are usually given under the laptop on the sticker after the INPUT sign

  • Voltage V (volts) of the power supply should match the value specified on a cigarette
  • The current A (amps) should be equal to or greater than the value given on the laptop, this parameter means the maximum current that can be charged to the power supply, the size of the load determines the laptop
  • W power (watts) is the result of the multiplication of voltage and current
  • The shape and size of the plug - please compare with the picture of the offered item and the dimensions of the plug given in the description; we can also determine based on the data base of the PSU manufacturer
  • - TV tuner built-in (EN): CONVENIENCE W
  • - Noise level spinning (EN): CONVENIENCE WITH: 0A001-00043100,0A001-00044600,0A001-000
  • - Functions (EN): CONVE
  • - Max memory size (EN): CONVENI
  • - Chipset manufacturer (EN):
  • - Power (EN):
  • - VRAM memory size (EN): CONVENIENCE WITH: 0A001-00043100,0A001-00044600,0A001-000
  • - Web camera (EN): Asu
  • - Video ports (EN): C
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