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Kasa Smart thermostatic radiator valve kit

  • Precise temperature control - Get the right temperature whenever you want it.
  • Scheduler and timer - Make it as warm as you want with definitions and schedules that fit your life.
  • Voice control - Manage your thermostat with voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri Shortcuts.
  • Frost protection - Prevent frozen pipes and keep your home safe.
  • Long standby time - Working with the Hub ensures long battery life (over one year).
  • Up to 32 radiators - Each Hub can connect and manage up to 32 radiators.
  • Versatile compatibility Fits most radiator valve body threads (M30x1.5) and the included 3 adaptors (RA, RAV & RAVL) further enhance compatibility.
  • Hub included - Replace your old radiator valve with a Kasa valve and start using today.

Precise temperature control

The Kasa Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve provides outstanding temperature precision from the moment you start.Get exactly the temperature you set. No lower, no higher.

Action in 2 seconds

With a much faster response time than conventional radiator valves, the Kasa valve brings you back to a comfortable temperature in the blink of an eye. (The 2s response time refers to the time interval from before a temperature change is detected to the start of the compensation process when the display is off.)

Powerful motor

The Kasa Smart thermostatic radiator valve has a powerful motor that will open and close most valves without any difficulty. Control your radiators smoothly and precisely to get the perfect temperature in seconds.

Set schedules and save

Set up heating schedules based on your lifestyle to make heating more efficient and economical.

Voice control

Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the temperature of your room. Getting up from the sofa won't be necessary.

Control from anywhere

Control all your heaters in your home from your phone. Forget about wondering if you've left your heater on in an empty room.

Long connection range. One Hub for all.

The Kasa Hub sends a signal on a lower and less congested frequency, allowing devices in every corner of your home to reach you seamlessly. Each Hub can connect and manage up to 32 radiators.

Better together

Add Smart sensors to your Checkout Hub and create Smart Actions to improve heating performance.(*Functions will be added in a software update.)

External temperature sensor

Connect an external temperature sensor such as the Tapo T310 or T315* to your KE100 cash register and enable climate compensation based on the external temperature reading. This will make the heating of the room even more accurate.

Open window detection

Automatically switches off the heating and activates the Frost Protection when the magnetic sensor (Tapo T110) is activated. This will help you save energy and keep your home safe.

Comfort in every room

Set the right temperature individually for each room to maximise comfort throughout your home.Each Hub can manage up to 32 radiators.

Group control of appliances

Group smart radiator valves together to control the temperature at the click of a button.**The latest version of the device software and Smart Checkout app is required.

Quick and easy installation

Install the device yourself, following our step-by-step guide. Two AA batteries will easily last the entire heating season.


Fits most radiator valve body threads (M30x1.5) and the 3 included adapters further enhance compatibility.

Child protection

Prevent your children from accidentally moving the radiator.

Frost protection

Prevent your pipes from freezing and keep your home safe. 29328364 P.-Pk. 10:00 -15:00 S., Sv. SLĒGTS
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