Kruger & Matz Tablet Eagle KM1075

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Kruger&Matz EAGLE 1075 tablet

You don't know which tablet to buy? Choose a combination of impressive functionality, stylish design and attractive price. Kruger&Matz EAGLE 1075 offers you all this and more. Let yourself be surprised by the possibilities this tablet opens up to you!

10 inch screen

Is tablet image quality important to you? EAGLE 1075 is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 10.4 and a resolution of 1200 x 2000 px. Comfortable use of the device even in the brightest sunlight is additionally guaranteed by the IPS matrix.

Performance on par

The eight-core Unisoc Tiger T618 processor clocked at 2 GHz used in the EAGLE 1075, combined with 6 GB of RAM, create a harmonious and efficient whole. Thanks to this, your tablet can easily handle several applications at the same time or play movies and games in high resolution.

Keep this in mind

The Kruger&Matz EAGLE 1075 tablet will allow you to store a really large amount of files, music and applications. The device is equipped with 128 GB of internal memory, which can be increased up to 2 TB using a memory card.

Android 13

Check the optimized operation of the Android 13 system. The use of the latest version of the system in the EAGLE 1075 tablet focuses on improving efficiency, privacy and comfort of use, providing you with modern and advanced solutions.

In virtual contact

Do you need a tablet for remote learning for your child? Or maybe you're going to have a video conference with your colleagues? Thanks to the 5 Mpix front camera, EAGLE 1075 is perfect for online communication.

The perfect companion

The EAGLE 1075 tablet will also be a good companion during relaxation. The device is equipped with two speakers that will provide you with very good sound of songs from your private playlist. Stereo speakers make EAGLE 1075 also perfect as a tablet for watching movies.

Freedom of communication

A tablet with an LTE modem is an ideal solution for anyone who does not want to make contact with the virtual world dependent on tethering and publicly available Wi-Fi networks. Use the SIM card slot and LTE modem that EAGLE 1075 is equipped with and enjoy constant access to the Internet.

Always with you

Take your tablet with you everywhere and don't worry about the battery running out! This, used in the EAGLE 1075 model, will provide you with many hours of comfortable use of the device, without the need to connect it to the power supply.

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