GOODRAM Memory DDR5 IRDM 32GB(2*16GB) /6400 CL32 BLACK RGB

Preces kods:142145
Ražotāja kods:IRG-64D5L32S/32GDC
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Unprecedented performance

Harness the power of the latest platforms thanks to the potential of IRDM RGB DDR5 modules. Reach for more in games, stream in ultra quality and work comfortably like never before. Module speeds up to 6800 MHz ensure stability and unprecedented performance. Whether you are a gamer, an enthusiast or a professional, have fun and work without compromise with IRDM RGB DDR5 RAM.

Perfect fit

In addition to the excellent design, IRDM memories guarantee outstanding performance. Based on carefully selected components, IRDM RGB DDR5 modules offer speeds of up to 6800 MHz at CL34. Choose from a wide range and decide on the perfect solution. Memory modules are offered in sets of 2 x 16 GB and 2 x 32 GB and clocked at 5600, 6000, 6400 and 6800 MHz. Decide for yourself and push the boundaries of virtual gameplay.

Lighting under control

A characteristic element of IRDM RGB memory is a matte strip with LED backlight. The use of 8 addressable diodes guarantees beautiful and smooth transitions of backlight modes along the entire length of the module. The latest IRDM memories are compatible with lighting control software from leading motherboard manufacturers (ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE and AsRock), guaranteeing impressive visual effects. The ARGB LED backlight will perfectly highlight the appearance of any PC, just the way you like it, every day.

Solid heatsink

The latest IRDM memories refer in style to the previous generation, emphasizing the brand's attachment to the developed aesthetics. The black, solid, milled radiator gives a sense of solidity and high-quality workmanship. It is made of aluminum, which conducts heat perfectly. This ensures adequate cooling and performance necessary for stable operation of the entire set during long games or in demanding applications.

OC Profiles

IRDM RGB DDR5 modules are compatible with the Intel XMP profile. Depending on the tasks performed or the level of gameplay, fine-tune the modules the way you want. Activate lower latency, faster speeds and appropriate voltages with one click for unrivaled performance. 29328364 P.-Pk. 10:00 -15:00 S., Sv. SLĒGTS
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